Our owners have known tobacco and agriculture for decades. In 1980, they established a new company called Kütaş, and tried to use that knowledge to produce laurel leaves in a one-room operation.In that first season, they ended up with huge output of – 2 tons of laurel leaves. We were small (in fact, tiny), but we were armed with the right idea – to constantly strive to achieve the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction. By "listening to the customer", years before it became a catchword.

Our growth was steady and within 20 years, Kütaş was the largest global processor of Mediterranean herbs. We then expanded our activities back down the value chain towards cultivation (by establishing Kütaş Agro in 1993), and forward up the chain towards milling, blending, sterilization and retail packing (by establishing Safe Spice in 1999). In 2001, we started to implement Good Agricultural Practices in our fields, which had now reached 300 hectares with drip-irrigation systems and automatic harvesting.

In 2003, we started the cultivation of mint, sage and thyme. In 2005, we were certified for organic production. In 2009, we established "Artisan", our retail-packing facility, and built drying ovens next to our fields for machine drying. In 2011, we set up our first cleaning line for seeds. In 2012, we were certified for GLOBAL GAP and Muddy Boots. Our labs were accredited by Camden-Chorleywood of the UK, and we brought our pesticide tests in-house with GC/MS equipment. In 2013, we moved our bay leaves operation to a new state-of-the-art facility, with optic sorting technology for imperfections in the leaves. In 2014 we increased the number of our ovens from 37 to 74.

Our products


bay_leaves2Yes, Kütaş processes 50% of the world's total volume of bay leaves. Yes, Kütaş has state-of-the-art processing machinery, including optic sorters that can detect minute imperfections in the leaf so that only the perfect ones are approved. But there is more to "laurus nobilis", from mythology to ancient history, than simple numbers. Here is the story: Bay laurel was used to fashion the laurel wreath of ancient Greece, a symbol of highest status. A wreath of bay laurels was given as the prize at the Pythian Games because the games were in honor of Apollo, and the laurel was one of his symbols.


oreganoOregano is a multi-purpose herb used in food, cosmetics and medicine. Kütaş is the largest global producer and supplier of Oregano, with a 50% global market share.

We owe this market share to ourextensive purchasing organization and our high quality service. Production is customer specific, with physical cleaning and sizing. If requested, the finished product is sterilized in a Kütaş Group facility.


rosemaryThis special herb that grows close to the Mediterranean Sea, with small, thick, and fragrant leaves, is processed specifically for customer demands by Kütaş.We can also grind the cleaned and processed products or cut them in different varieties. Rosemary that comes out of our plants, like all other finished products, is ready for use in any kitchen.


sageKütaş is the world's largest producer of Turkish and Albanian sage. The main market for Albanian sage, which as a raw material is brought to Turkey and produced in our Güzelbahçe plant, is the United States. Turkish sage, also produced in Güzelbahçe for the European and Asian markets, is one of our signature items..


savoryBoth Winter Savoury (Satureja Montana) and Summer Savoury (Satureja Hortensis) are produced in our Güzelbahçe plant according to customer specifications. Kütaş is again the dominant player in Turkey for both types of savoury.


thymeAlso known as wild oregano, thyme s from the oregano familia. Its been known to be traded as oregano in the market.

We purchase the raw material from Turkey and other countries, and process it to customer specifications.



  • Anuga 2015

    We were at Anuga 2015 (10th October- 14th October)

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    Kütaş Group at Biofach 2015 Exhibition (11-14 Feb, 2015)

  • SIAL

    Kütaş Group at SIAL 2014 Exhibition. (19-23 Oct. 2014)

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